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The Minimax fire protection trough - keeps flammable liquid under control

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The Minimax BWCon 1.400 steel fire protection trough with integrated flame barrier provides safe storage of IBCs filled with up to a maximum of 1,000 liters of flammable liquid.

An outbreak of fire on an IBC damages the latter. When this happens the BWCon 1.400 can accommodate the entire 1,000 liters of flammable liquid and additionally up to 400 liters of extinguishing agent. This is roughly the equivalent quantity of extinguishing agent which is additionally introduced into the fire protection trough via a sprinkler system in a production bay during 20 minutes of extinguishing time.

The Minimax BWCon 1.400 contains the liquid without overflowing, uses the flame barrier to stop the flammable liquid from contacting the source of the fire on the IBC and prevents the uncontrollable spread of fire.

FM Approved

The “FM approved” mark confirms that our fire protection trough meets the highest standards in regard of its quality, technical integrity and performance. The certificate is internationally recognized and valued by experts and property owners, not least due to the internationally standardized certification process. You can find out more about FM approvals here.



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